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In 1997 we took the decision to become suppliers for the mining market.

We entered a very competitive market and also catered for companies with  long history but we trusted in our learning ability and adjusting to changing conditions.

With willingness to listen and spirit to collaborate with solving problems, slowly we created a space for our products.

NOwadays we manufacture cast parts subjected to impact and abrasion, specially developed to resist mill process efforts.

Our products have been used for the most important mining companies from South America with results that allowed confirm that FUNDICIÓN SAN CAYETANO S.A. has its own place in mining family.

As part of our services in the mining field:

  • Permanent assistance in field, working with our users, to make a profit from the application.
  • Engineering department, Research and Development, with professionals in constant training.
  • Network of local agents, to provide a rapid response to new challenges.
  • Commercial agents located close to mining areas, to provide a rapid attention to queries.
  • Present technology applied to process of control, performance statistics and suggested improvements.
  • Manufacturing simulation programmes (Solid Edge and Solid Cast), controls during the process of manufacturing (Spectrometry), characteristics and properties certification (dimensional, chemical test, hardness, ultrasound, magnetic particles, resilience ), wear control during service (thickness measurement by US), report writing and suggested improvements to design and parts characteristics.

Luis María Drago y Melián
B1852NZJ | Burzaco
Buenos Aires | Argentina

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